Mains fed water coolers, water dispensers, water fountains and boilers


For offices, showrooms, conference rooms, meeting areas and many more ...

Premium Water Coolers for Your Business

“Why buy it when you can purify it”

Bluecool Water Dispensers provide a wide range of drinking water solutions including mains fed water coolers, drinking water fountains, instant hot water boilers and under sink water chillers.
We supply, install and maintain mains fed water coolers and dispensers to Corporate, Industrial and Commercial markets.
Our range includes both counter top and free standing plumbed in water coolers, suitable for any requirements and in contemporary designs to suit all workplaces.


Mains fed water coolers vs bottled water coolers

Plumbed in water coolers provide unlimited quality drinking water at a fixed low cost and therefore:

  • Is a cost effective option
  • Avoids storage of bottles of water
  • Avoids heavy lifting of bottles of water
  • Is better for the Environment

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